Chingiz Sadykhov is a world-class pianist from Azerbaijan. His new CD "Songs of Azerbaijan" has 21 songs of folk, tradidional, classical music from the 20th Century. Maestro Chingiz Sadykhov has been playing piano for the most famous Azerbaijani singers for over 50 years. He was awarded the title of "Peoples' Artist of Azerbaijan.

This is the greatest Azerbaijani piano maestro Chingiz Sadykhov's second CD from 7/8 Music. It includes 19 songs of 20th century Azeri music compositions by some of the most talented composer who were all friends of Sadykhov in Baku.
Arzu (Niyazi) 2. Sen Menim Men Senin (Tovfik Guliyev) 3. Senden Mene Yar Olmaz (folk) 4. Gamly Mahny (Tovfik Guliyev) 5. Ala Göz (Sayid Rustemov) 6. Seni Araram (Fikret Amirov) 7. Tut Agaji (folk) 8. Uja Dag ashinda (folk) 9. Iran Mahnysy (folk) 10. Iran Mahnysy (folk) 11. Lyric Mahny (Penjereme)(Tovfik Guliyev) 12. Kirpiklerin Okhtur (Jihangir Jihangirov) 13. Ay Güle Batyn (Folk) 14. Galmedin (Sayid Rustemov) 15. Ayrilik (M:Ali Salimi.W:Ferhad Ibrahimi) 16. Esmerim (folk) 17. Apsheron (Telman Hajiev) 18. Ana (Jihangir Jihangirov) 19. Ilk Bahar (Tovfik Guliyev) Total Time: 60:04



21 songs and dance melodies of traditional Azerbaijani music from the 20th Century recorded by world-class pianist, Maestro Chingiz Sadykhov.

1- Keklik, 2- Uja Dag Bashinda, 3- Kucelere Su Serpmishem, 4- Lale, 5- Aman Ovchu, 6- Girdim Yarin Bakhchasina, 7- Nelbeki, 8- Getme Gel, 9- Gul Oglan, 10- Goy Gol, 11- Sari Gelin, 12- Bir Buse Ver, 13- Jeyran (Lachin), 14- Penjereden Dash Gelir, 15- Kimler Geldi Kimler Getdi, 16- Ilkbahar, 17- Gubanin Ag Almasi, 18- Bu Geje, 19- Nergiz, 20- Ay Giz, 21- Segah (Orta), Kesme Shikeste.
Total Time: 64:50



We are pleased to bring to you the music of world-class pianist from Azerbaijan, Chingiz Sadykhov. "Songs of Azerbaijan" is a new CD release from 7/8 Music. Maestro Chingiz Sadykhov has been playing piano as a concert pianist and accompanist to the greatest singers of Azerbaijan and Soviet Union for over 50 years. He has garnered the coveted title of "Peoples' Artist of Azerbaijan" and has performed and taught music around the world.

"Songs of Azerbaijan" is a comprehensive musical presentation of love songs and poetic melodies as well as dance tunes of his homeland. In this unique recording, Chingiz Sadykhov arranged folk melodies and compositions by outstanding Azerbaijani composers of the 20th century. His colorful piano style suits the arrangements perfectly. His music is warm and lively. The listeners at the radio and the concerts are taken by his charming and heartfelt voice.

Now nearly 70 years old, maestro still enjoys performing and keeping an active musical life. He is married and has two daughters who are also accomplished musicians. Salahaddin Beylerbeyi is the talented Azerbaijani percussionist playing the zarb.

Kutay Derin Kugay

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